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The Star Bomb Element is the sixth and final boss in Bomberman Generation.


It is the boss of the battleship Armor Joe and is fought on a platform above a transparent version of the battleship. This boss is actually the final bomb element the player is seeking, but it has been corrupted by Mujoe. During the ending, when this bomb element is in the presence of the other ones, it is returned to normal once again.

Boss Fight[]

The Star Bomb Element begins the fight in a transparent state. It must be attacked with a Light Bomb in order to damage it and make it have a physical form. Four small gems circle around the boss during the fight and can damage the player when in the physical form. It will spit out several balls of energy that circle closely around its body and can make a bomb detonate if they touch.

After it has lost some of its hearts, it will begin shooting bombs from its mouth. After shooting several, it will try to lock on to Bomberman and fire a laser from its eyes. This pattern will repeat until it is defeated.


  • Even though the Star Bomb Element is the final boss of Bomberman Generation, the regular boss battle theme plays during the battle.