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Stalker Bat[1] (コーモリン, Komorin, in Japan) is an enemy in Bomberman 64.


It lives in Red Mountain, flying high in the skies.[2] It moves slowly and aimlessly. Because Stalker Bat flies above Bomberman, it evades bombs, but it also does not attack Bomberman. When it awakens from a stunned state and begins to rise, it will stun Bomberman on collision, but otherwise it is harmless. It can be knocked out of the air with a thrown bomb, at which point it may be blasted.

Stalker Bat takes one bomb blast to destroy. It also may be defeated by a thrown Pumped bomb. In Hard Mode, it moves more quickly, but still only takes one bomb blast to defeat.


  • The Japanese name "Komorin" comes from the word "koumori", meaning "bat".


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