Stage 3 is the third stage in Neo Bomberman. It is a mechanical-themed stage that is located somewhere past the sewer system of Stage 2.




  • Stage 3-1
    • Enemies: Ridge Razor X3
    • Items: Fire Up X1, Bomb Kick X1
  • Stage 3-2
    • Enemies: Skull Copter X2, Spike Sphere X2
    • Items: Bomb Up X1, Wall Pass X1, Remote Control X1
    • Cage: Hayate Bomber
  • Stage 3-3
    • Enemies: Bouncing Knight X3, Dokyuun X2
    • Items: Speed Up X1, Power Glove X1
  • Stage 3-4
    • Enemies: Bouncing Knight X1, Dokyuun X2, Dachon X3
    • Items: Bomb Up X1, Bomb Kick X1, Full Fire X1
    • Cage: Kotetsu
  • Stage 3-5
    • Enemies: Robo Tentacles X1, Dokyuun X3, Dachon X1
    • Items: Bomb Up X1, Fire Up X1, Speed Up X1
  • Stage 3-6
    • Enemies: Ridge Razor X2, Bouncing Knight X1, Robo Tentacles X2
    • Items: Bomb Up X1, Power Glove X1
    • Cage: Cat Bomber
  • Stage 3-7
    • Enemies: Ridge Razor X1, Skull Copter X1, Bouncing Knight X1, Dokyuun X1, Robo **Tentacles X1
    • Items: Fire Up X1, Bomb Kick X1
  • Stage 3-8
    • Boss: Pogo
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