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BT - Springs

The Spring is a type of trap in the Bomberman series.


Super Bomberman 3[]

SB3 - Spring

In Super Bomberman 3, they are called Fountains (噴水). They appear in the Splish-Splash Battle Stage. A player stepping on a Fountain will always jump four tile spaces in any direction.[1] If a player steps on a Fountain and does not press any direction, the player will jump in the direction in which he or she is currently facing.

Bomberman Tournament[]

BT - Springs

These water springs appear in the underwater section of Big Ocean in Beach Zone. If the player step on those, he will be propeled 4 tiles ahead in the direction he is facing, passing over obstacles such as Hard Blocks. It is mainly used to access part of the maps that couldn't be reached otherwise. Once the player is positioned on the tile, the spring will raise, and takes 4 seconds to propel the player. Until that time the player will not be able to move, but can adjust the direction with the directional buttons.

Bomberman Generation[]

In Bomberman Generation, fountains appear in some levels, but act completely differently. If the player step on them, they just walk through it, but if they freeze it by using an Ice Bomb, they could use it as platform to access other parts of the maps.

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