Spinning Slot (ぐるぐるすろっと) the eighth stage in the Battle Game of Super Bomberman 4. The featured trap here is the Slot. Because there are no Soft Blocks in any version of this stage, players must directly compete with each other in order to obtain items from the Slot.

Spinning Slot 8-1


Spinning Slot 8-2

Password: 4622
Players start next to each other in the middle of the stage. The middle area of the stage is partially enclosed by Hard Blocks.

Spinning Slot 8-3

Password: 0520
The top and bottom halves of the map are divided by a row of Hard Blocks, with only a single tile space passageway between them.

Spinning Slot 8-4

Password: 0903
The Slot's switches are located within a narrow passage.


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