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Spin Spike, known as Red Thorn (レッドソーン, Reddo sōn) in Japan,[1] is an enemy in Bomberman 64.


It hides in the darkness of the Red Mountain, dropping down from the ceiling onto unsuspecting intruders.[2] It moves slowly, seeming to gravitate toward Bomberman, and will harm him on collision. Although it is called a "spike", it burns Bomberman on touch and will detonate bombs on contact.

Spin Spike takes one Red Bomb blast to defeat (it is impossible to face a Spin Spike without having acquired the Red Bomb powerup). Upon its defeat, it will split into two smaller Spin Spikes, which behave similarly to the original, each taking one Red Bomb blast to destroy.

In Hard Mode, Spin Spike moves more quickly, but still only takes one bomb blast to destroy.


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