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Speeder is a recurring enemy in the Bomberman series.


Bomberman '93[]

In Bomberman '93, It appears in two color variants: Red Wheel in the fourth world, Planet Wither, and Cyan Wheel in the sixth world, Icicle Planet.

When being in contact with the wall or other obstacles, it can turn into junction, moving diagonally throughout the stage and passing freely through Soft Blocks. It can harm Bomberman on collision. Both versions take 2 hits to defeat and yield a score of 1000 points.

Bomberman Max[]

In Bomberman Max, they reappear in the City Star. They take 2 hits to defeat.

Bomberman Max 2[]

In Bomberman Max 2, they reappear in the Lab Zone. In this game, much like Bomberman Max, they are grey colored and don't have any other color variant.

Bomberman Portable[]

In Bomberman Portable, it also has two variations, red and yellow. Red are found in the World 8, while the yellow version appears in World 9. Each version take 1 hit to defeat. the red version yields a score of 1000 points, while the yellow ones, 1500 points.