Speed Zone (イダテンワールド, Idaten World, in Japan) is the twelfth stage in the Battle Game of Super Bomberman and an unlockable battle stage in Super Bomberman R. It appears to be located in Diamond Tower. There are no traps in this stage, but all players move at a very high speed, as if they are all suffering from the fast movement Skull effect. As a result, it is more difficult for players to control their movement.


  • Traps: N/A
  • Soft Blocks: 80
  • Items: 21 (26%)
    • SB1BombUp SB1BombUp SB1BombUp SB1BombUp SB1BombUp
    • SB1FireUp SB1FireUp SB1FireUp SB1FireUp SB1FireUp
    • SB1FullFire SB1FullFire
    • SB1Kick SB1Kick SB1Kick
    • SB1PowerGlove SB1PowerGlove SB1PowerGlove
    • SB1RemoteControl SB1RemoteControl
    • SB1Skull


  • In the Japanese name, "Idaten" is a word that means "great runner".


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