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BW - Spark Bomber

Spark Bomber is a minigame in Bomberman World.


If the option is enabled in the menu, It is a minigame available each time one of the players (not NPC) win a Battle in Battle Mode. The purpose is to reach the goal under 30 seconds without colliding with any walls or obstacles. The players can only use the directional buttons to move, and other buttons are not used. The whole stage moves slightly up and down, and in some sections the player speed is reduced, making the whole navigation difficult.

Items are awarded based on the progression during the stage, and would be useable in the next battle. The current item that will be awarded is indicated on the right side of the screen and is also shown in the background.

These include in order: Geta, Speed Up, Fire Up, Bomb Up, Punch, Power Glove, Kick and a Heart (upon completion).