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Sorcery is a boss in Bomberman Portable faced in Desert World. He is a large brown desert-faring dragon mecha.


A dragon-shaped robot that dominates the Desert World. He has the ability to dive underground and reappear with a lightning sphere that is aimed towards Bomberman. He can also rotate his body and move around like Centibeetle from Super Bomberman 4. He is extremely fast, agile and hard to hit. He has appeared once in Bomberman Max (as Tian Lung), but he possessed green armor, unlike in Bomberman Portable in which he has brown armor. Like with Tian Lung, Sorcery has six ball-shaped body segments, and it's presumed that Bagura made Sorcery from the remnants of Tian Lung. Sorcery will harm the player on collision.

He takes 6 hits to defeat and yields a score of 5000 points.

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