Snow Man (スノーマン Sunōman) is an enemy in the Bomberman series resembling a large, furry yeti.


Super Bomberman 3

Snow Man moves at a normal speed, sometimes turning, sometimes reversing its direction. If it walks into a bomb blast, and there is a free space on the other side of the explosion in the direction that it is moving, the Snow Man will jump and twirl, escaping harm. It takes two bomb blasts to defeat, and will damage players on collision.

Bomberman Tournament

Snow Man once again moves erratically at a regular speed. It always carries a snowball above its head, which it will throw at Bomberman if he is in its line of sight and is within a five-tile distance. Both the snowballs and the Snow Man will damage Bomberman on collision. It takes one bomb blast to defeat.


This enemy first appeared in an earlier Hudson Soft game, Neutopia II. In that game, it behaves similarly to how it does in Bomberman Tournament.



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