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Snow Circuit is a level that appears in Bomberman Hero. It is the third level of Area 2 of the Mazone Star, Slush Mountains. The level uses the Bomber Slider. The Rank 5 target score for this level is 4000 (1500 for Japanese version).


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Reach the exit.


Adok Bomb[]

There are no Adok Bombs present in this level.

Treasure Hunt[]

Japanese and Western Version Differences[]

Changes to the Western version:

  • Gold gem added near start of stage.
  • Pink gem added behind Garaden Soldier enemies.
  • The first lone Ski Bomb Head enemy is on the left instead of the right.
  • Electric Statue enemy added after first lone Ski Bomb Head enemy.
  • The heart shortly after the first lone Ski Bomb Head enemy replaced with a blue gem and gold gem.
  • Gold heart replaced with a heart and gold gem.
  • Electric Statue enemy added behind a row of pink gems.
  • 1-up replaced with gold gem and rainbow gem.
  • Electric Statue enemy added near end of stage.