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Nonsense. You're accusing me of hiding our stock of Balloms? I ask you where's the proof of that? I'm an honest bussinesma... Huh? Is it night already...? Aaargh!

Smuggler, Super Bomberman R

Smuggler is a minor antagonist in Super Bomberman R and is the one responsible for imprisoning the Balloms and blaming the Bomberman Bros. for the riot.


Smuggler is shady, lying, corrupt and menacing and he is even more dangerous than the Five Dastardly Bombers and more threatening than Buggler.

Smuggler is known for his vulgarity, as he uses the word "damn": "Ah, those damn balloons!" The word "damn" was removed in update 2.0.1 in both subtitles and dialogue.

Smuggler is reckless, cruel and heartless, as he calls himself the "self-proclaimed honest businessman". He is also intelligent, as he describes that the Balloms are intellectual as they can absorb negative emotions around their surroundings."

The last piece of his behavior is his total dismay after the Marbled Ballom is defeated in his final quote: "Oh, boy...".

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