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The Slot (スロット)[1] is a trap that appears in Super Bomberman 4 and Pocket Bomberman. It offers players a chance to win items, but there is risk involved in that it can award bad items.

Super Bomberman 4[]


The Slot and its switches always appear in the same configuration, though the Hard Blocks in the area may be arranged differently from map to map. Three depressed switches are present, as well as three slot drums. Players can pass under the drums. Exposing any one of the switches to an explosion while the Slot is dormant will cause the drums to begin to spin and will make all of the switches pressable. Bombs cannot be placed on top of the switches. Any thrown or punched bombs that land on a switch will bounce to the next space, and kicked bombs will stop at switches.

Once the Slot is activated, players may step onto each switch to stop its corresponding drum. The drums will also stop on their own if they are left spinning for a long time. Once all three drums have stopped, the Slot will award items based on the configuration of the drums.[2] Lining up two of a kind will typically award items depending on which images appear on the drums. Lining up three of a kind will yield the following awards:

  • Three Skulls - Three Skull items and Sudden Death mode (Battle Game); 12 Skull items (Normal Game)
  • Three Fires - 9 items, which are randomly Fires or Full Fires
  • Three Bars - One Egg and 18 random good items
  • Three Sevens - A huge windfall of good items

Pocket Bomberman[]


In this game, the Slot takes up a large section of wall space, and its switch is located on the bottom of it. The Slot is activated when the player jumps up into the switch. The three drums will then begin to spin, and will randomly land on happy faces, sad faces, or the spaces in between the two images. If three happy Bomberman faces are lined up in a row, the player will receive a 1 Up.