Slippery Tunnel (ツルツルトンネル, Tsurutsuruton'neru) is the second stage in the Battle Game of Super Bomberman 2. The arena is a frozen lake riddled with tunnels. The featured traps here are the Sliding Floor and the Warp Hole. Players who enter the Warp Holes will be randomly transported to a different one. The Sliding Floor reduces friction, causing players to slide in the direction in which they are moving when they let go of the D-pad.

The Soft Blocks in this stage can be kicked when players walk into them. A kicked Soft Block will slide across the floor until it collides with an obstacle. If any power-ups are caught in the path of a moving Soft Block, they will be destroyed. Players can use Soft Blocks to eliminate items from across the battlefield and keep their opponents weak.



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