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BH - Slider Race - 01

Slider Race is a game mode in Bomberman Hero.


It is unlockable after earning 3 Gold Medals (finishing score 5 in all levels) on at last 3 planets (it doesn't matter which). Then it can be selected and played anytime from the Option menu.


Bomberman uses the Bomber Slider to race against only one Ski Bomb Head with the goal to finish the stage in first place. A timer is shown on the top right part of the screen. The level features pretty much the same layout as Emerald Tube, with the difference there are no items, enemies, and most of the traps are removed. The only traps still present are pits and yellow translucent walls (which are doubled in number). Falling into a pit will result in an instant Game Over and the player need to restart the race, while the yellow walls will only block the player's progression and must be avoided.

Ski Bomb Head is not too easy to beat, and could requires some practice, especially in order to avoid the walls, in addition, Ski Bomb Head is totally immune to the Spinning Jump move, so it couldn't be used against him this time. Ski Bomb Head generally takes approximatively 42 seconds to reach the end, so the player must try to finish below that time to make sure to win.

Once beaten, it doesn't earn anything, except just a congratulation message.