Skunpew is an enemy character that first appeared in Super Bomberman 4. It is a purple skunk walking on its front legs with its hind legs in the air while releasing yellow stink clouds.

Skunpew moves at a slow pace, randomly turning or reversing directions on any tile space. It also turns upon collision with a wall, bomb, or enemy. It is seen walking on its front legs with its hind legs in the air. Skunpew will harm the player upon contact.

Every now and then, Skunpew will stop to create a cloud gas when ihe has not already done so or if its cloud has been destroyed. The gas moves independently of Skunpew, and constantly pursues the player. When the gas is destroyed by an explosion, it will explode with a max blast radius. The gas itself does not affect or harm the player, and only one gas cloud of Skunpew can appear on screen at once. After some time, the gas will disappear on its own.

In Super Bomberman 5, Skunpew only turns upon colliding with a wall or bomb or after producing a cloud of gas, and does not pause before turning. Its gas clouds also only turn upon colliding with an obstacle, and last for a shorter duration of time. Once the Alarm Device has been destroyed, Skunpew will not stop producing gas.

In Bomberman DS, it produces three clouds more often, and Bomberman will be stunned if it walks into a cloud. Skunpew is gray in this game.

In the artwork, Skunpew also has the white stripe on its tail and a nose, which are not seen in-game.


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