I'm not going to lose to a little fellow like you!

Skullhead, Bomberman Quest

Skullhead is an enemy that appears in Bomberman Quest. It moves around aimlessly in the center of the screen. Every now and then, it will stop and spawn two bones, which it will then throw directly at Bomberman. The bones travel in straight lines until they reach the edge of the screen. Both Skullhead and its bones will harm Bomberman on collision.

Because the central platform on which Skullhead appears is surrounded by pits, either the Jump Shoes or the Wings are necessary in order to reach the monster. Due to the small size of the platform, a bomb that has a circular explosion, such as the Flak Bomb, may be used in order to damage Skullhead while being able to keep Bomberman safely away from the blast. The Power Glove may also be used to throw bombs from afar. Skullhead has 7 HP and yields an Armored Jacket upon its defeat.[1]


  • The kanji on Skullhead's forehead, 骨, means "bone".


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