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Superiors' orders. This battle. We will win this battle together.


Silva (シルヴァ, Shiruvua) is a character in Bombergirl. She was teased in a series of tweets beginning on April 8, 2022, and was fully revealed on April 18.


Silva is a Shooter, and an android just like Emera, albeit an older model. The two are considered as sisters.


Colonel Silva is the sister machine of Emera, which is said to have been active during the Great War. She was once feared as a devilish instructor, but why on earth did she enter the Bomber Battle?

Hobby "Protecting this country, that is my mission. That being said, I like cosplay."
Likes "The maintenance of firearms. That being said, dogs are cute."
Dislikes "Any person who disturbs the order of the country. For that matter, also those who don't oil the drive system! Pui!"
Birthday September 19
Brand Sciensynaps

Basic Abilities[]

Silva is a Bombergirl with a high ammunition count among shooters. Whether you want to slow down the pace of the attack by cutting down the enemy's HP, or aim for a double-kill with the sheer number of moves you have, you can use your fighting style to suit the situation and stop the enemy team from advancing!

HP Max Bombs Max Fire Max Speed
Medium x3 x6 x3


Default skills are always available, while additional skills must be obtained through the Bomber Gacha.

Picture Skill Name Description Type & Level
Silva Skill 1
1. Epsilon Barrett Silver charges five bullets into her revolver cylinder, and they are fired one at a time to inflict damage. Team Level 1
(Default Skill)
Silva Skill 2
2. Omega Destroyer Silver summons two gatling guns and lets loose with a continuous ranged attack in the forward direction for a period of time. Team Level 5
(Default Skill)
Silva Skill 3
3. Sigma Barrett Silver charges one strong bullet, then fires it to do heavy damage. Team Level 4
(Additional Skill)


  • Silva is the 21st playable character added to Bombergirl.
  • The name "Silva" is derived from Silver, referencing her color theme.
  • Silva is the tallest character in the game, standing 190cm tall.
  • Mechanically, there is difference between the attacks of Silva and Emera – Silva has more shots that are actual bullets along with a wider area of damage and a shorter distance on her Team Level 5 attack, while Emera has fewer shots that are energy-based and her Team Level 5 attack causes damage in a narrower, further-reaching area – but the two are mostly equivalent in their output.