Signal Floor (シグナルフロア), or Signal, is a trap that first appeared in Super Bomberman 4. It is a single tile space that periodically changes its collision behavior.

At regular intervals, the Signal Floor will change color. Every Signal in a stage is synced up so that they all change colors simultaneously, but they may not all be the same color at the same time. The colors cycle through the following order:


Artwork from the Super Bomberman 4 Guidebook

  • Red - The Signal is impassable and acts like a Hard Block. If a player is standing on the Signal when it switches to this color, that player may step off of the Signal but cannot step back onto it while it is still red.
  • Blue - The Signal acts as a regular, empty floor tile, with the exception that bombs cannot be placed on it and explosions will not pass over it.
  • Yellow - If a player walks into the Signal or is standing on it while it is in this state, he or she will be thrown to the other side of the Signal. This can be used to access parts of the map that are otherwise blocked off.

In Super Bomberman 4, all enemies can pass freely through the Signal Floor regardless of its color, but in Super Bomberman 5, they may only pass through when it is blue. In the latter game, it is possible to place bombs on blue Signal Floors, and explosions do pass over them when they are blue.


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