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From neighbouring stars to the furthest reaches of the universe, Shiron will be there!


Shiron (シロン, Shiron) is an unlockable playable character in Bombergirl. She was teased in a tweet on July 22, 2020, before being fully revealed on July 27. She was made playable during the Shiron Arrives! Aspiring Bombergirl Gacha event that started on July 30, 2020.


Shiron is based on White Bomber from the Bomberman Jetters anime. Here, Shiron is the little sister of Shiro, and she aspires to be like her when she is fully grown. Even with her being younger, Shiro's energy and spirit allows her to keep up with the other Bombers.


Shiron is a rather ordinary Bombergirl who dreams of becoming a true Bombergirl! To catch up with her favourite big sister, Shiro, today and tomorrow, Shiron is at the edge of a cliff!

Hobby "Meals! After that, play! Other than that, ummm... meals!"
Likes "Purple apple dobin mushi and Cosmo Gum! But the one I love the most is my big sister!"
Dislikes "I hate people who get mad easily and nag."
Birthday May 5
Brand Academia

Basic Abilities[]

As a Bomber, Shiron's strength is in destroying many Soft blocks at once with her skills. She can break lots of blocks, collect lots of items, and despite her younger age, she is able to make her way to the enemy's towers and base just as quickly as the other Bombers.

HP Max Bombs Max Fire Max Speed
High x5 x5 x5


Default skills are always available, while additional skills must be obtained through the Bomber Gacha.

Picture Skill Name Description Type & Level
Shiron Skill 1
1. Sunlight Fire Bomb! Shiron hurls a special type of bomb straight forward, with the act destroying all soft blocks in its wake. Team Level 1
(Default Skill)
Shiron Skill 2
2. Shining Ultra Bomb!! Shiron places an especially dangerous, larger bomb that thoroughly burns the surroundings along all open spaces in its area of effect. Team Level 5
(Default Skill)
Shiron Skill 3
3. Take That Bomb! Shiron grabs and carries a bomb that is in front of her, then tosses it forward a little in order to reposition it. She cannot carry special bombs. Team Level 3
(Additional Skill)


  • Shiron's voice actress, Tomoko Kaneda, reprises her role of White Bomber from Bomberman Jetters. Tomoko is known for having an unusually high voice, and she also voices Renge, the Ninetails-type from Konami's Busou Shinki battle android series.
  • Shiron is the shortest character in the game, standing only 119cm tall.
  • In Shiron's biography, the line " and tomorrow, Shiron is at the edge of a cliff!" references some of the lyrics from Boku wa Gakeppuchi, which is the first opening song from Bomberman Jetters.
  • Shiron's quotation in her profile references the motto of the Jetters, which is often repeated after each preview of the next episode in the show.
  • Shiron's skills reference the "Bomber Shoot", which is a Bomberman's method of attack in Bomberman Jetters; instead of just placing in on the ground, the character hurls a bomb forward at their target.
  • The flowers seen on Shiron's Shining Ultra Bomb!! are pansies.
  • Shiron is the 17th playable character added to Bombergirl.
  • In the Concept art of Shiron, there are two characters with black silhouettes, the first one seems to be Rui (or perhaps Pui) from the Bomberman Jetters anime, and the second is Shiron featuring Rui (or Pui) traits. This could implies that before the general design of Shiron was adopted, she would have been based on Rui/Pui but the final version have her based on White Bomber instead.