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Shiro (シロ, Shiro) is a character in Bombergirl.


She is based on White Bomberman. She is a Bomber-type oriented Bombergirl.

Shiro is one of four default playable characters in Bombergirl.


Shiro is known as an ordinary young Bombergirl who strives to become a Bomber Master! Win or lose, she will still have fun fighting with all of her might!

Hobby I like walks, smiling, and other than that, just walking!
Likes I like Having fun! But even things that aren't fun eventually become fun to her, so she like everything!
Dislikes I guess I doesn't have one... Probably not!
Birthday April 6
Brand Academia

Basic Abilities[]

Shiro is a Bomber-type Bombergirl. Meaning her strength is being able to plant many Bomber at once and being able to destroy blocks quicklyin a short period of tim. Doing this gives her items quicker and gives her the advantage against enemies.

Her stats
High amount x5 x5 x5


Default skills are always available, while additional skills must be obtained through the Bomber Gacha.

Picture Skill Name Description Type & Level
Shiro Skill 1
1. Screw Bomb! Shiro places a special bomb that pierces soft blocks, towers & items, and its range is the current Fire stat. This skill has no I-frames. Team Level 2
(Default Skill)
Shiro Skill 2
2. Super Ultra Bomb!! Shiro places a bomb that burns its surroundings in a 7x7 area. This skill has I-frames, and can be proc'ed to explode by any other nearby explosions. Team Level 5
(Default Skill)
Shiro Skill 3
3. Soaring Bomb! Shiro hurls a bomb a pair of spaces in front of her on the orthogonal directions; any thrown bomb has its fuse reset, and this skill can be used on her Super Ultra Bomb. This skill has no I-frames. Team Level 4
(Additional Skill)
Shiro Skill 4
4. Super Ultra Fake Bomb♪ Shiro places a fake Super Ultra Bomb that has a fake explosion, and only her team is able to see that it is fake. This skill has no I-frames, and only has very niche situations at best, which includes blocking enemy bomb explosions. Team Level 4
(Additional Skill)


  • Shiro is known as the mascot of Bombergirl.
  • Shiro is the 1st Bomber type in game, and one of the original four characters.
  • Shiro wears a hairpin and doll in the shape of White Bomber, also known as "Shirobon" in Japan, and her style resembles him.
  • Shiro serves as the advertising ambassador, or "宣伝大使" senden taishi for Bombergirl. The official Twitter account usually posts from her point of view. She also appears in many promotional images, with an orange Minbo -- the game's standard Supporter type -- also usually appearing with her as her gofer.
  • The "Super Ultra Fake Bomb♪" skill was added in the "Golden DX" Gacha event on February 24th, 2019.
  • Shiro is the ninth tallest character in the game, standing 159cm tall.
  • Shiro makes a cameo appearance in Duel Dream.