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Nice to meet you, everyone. My name is Shiori Fujisaki.


Shiori Fujisaki (藤崎詩織, Fujisaki Shiori) is a character in Bombergirl.


She is based on Shiori from Konami's Tokimeki Memorial franchise. She is a Bomber-type oriented Bombergirl.


Shiori Fujisaki of "Tokimeki Memorial" is a superheroine-type Bombergirl who has a sharp mind, excellent grades, and is athletic and attractive, piling up perfections upon perfections. Can you really become a master who meets her ideals!?

Hobby "Listening to classical music and collecting hairbands."
Likes "I like spaghetti carbonara."
Dislikes "Nothing in particular."
Birthday Unknown
Brand 573 Factory

Basic Abilities[]

HP Max Bomb Max Fire Max Speed
High x5 x5 x5


Default skills are always available, while additional skills must be obtained through the Bomber Gacha.

Unique to Shiori is "Favorability", which starts at 3 points and increases with every Favorability bomb laid of either kind, while losing a life will deduct 5 points.
No. of Favorability Bombs placed Favorability Level Skill & Damage (Far) Fire Range
1-2 bombs Not favorable Fav. Normal, 100 (n/a)

Fav. Penetr, 100 (n/a)



3-5 bombs Neutral Fav. Normal, 100 (50)

Fav. Penetr, 100 (100)



6-10 bombs Favorable Fav. Normal, 150 (75)

Fav. Penetr, 100 (100)



11+ bombs Very favorable Fav. Normal, 200 (100)

Fav. Penetr, 100 (100)



Picture Skill Name Description Type & Level
Shiori Skill 1
1. Favorability Bomb Every time Shiori lays down one of these bombs, +1 to her favorability stat; the higher her favorability, the more powerful the bomb is. This skill has no I-frames. Team Level 2
(Default Skill)
Shiori Skill 2
2. Under the Legendary Tree Shiori confesses to 1 ally that reaches her in time, making herself & the ally invincible for about 16 seconds. Note that an invincible player will still take stuns, and a couple of allies in their specific skill attack states will not trigger the buff. This skill has I-frames. Team Level 5
(Default Skill)
Shiori Skill 3
3. Bad Rumors Shiori randomly places 12 bombs on the screen within a 9x9 area, and their fire range depends on the player's Fire stat. A circle will show where the bombs will appear, and these block movement. This skill has no I-frames. Team Level 4
(Additional Skill)
Shiori Skill 4
4. Favorability Penetration Bomb Every time Shiori lays down one of these bombs, +1 to her favorability stat; the higher her favorability, the more range the bomb gets. This skill has no I-frames, pierces through blocks, and hits enemy structures multiple times. Team Level 2
(Additional Skill)



  • Shiori Fujisaki in the 9th playable character added to Bombergirl.
  • Shiori's voice actress in Bombergirl is the same voice actress who voiced the original character on which she is based.
  • Shiori is the tenth tallest character in the game, standing 158cm tall.


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