The Shield is an item used to protect players from bomb blasts coming from the front, though not from the sides and the back. It can protect players from any kind of bomb, excluding the Dangerous Bomb, for which the blast affects a specific radius.

The Shield makes its debut in Bomberman DS, in which it is used by pressing and holding the Y button. Unlike Bomberman Blast's shield, there is an upper limit to how long it can be deployed. It is also a level called "Voice shield" that the player can enable the shield by blowing into the mic, There is also a level named "Shield", where every player has a Shield

In Bomberman Blast, it can be activated by shaking the Wii remote continuously. It is a default item for Open Field, Bomb Bowling, Volcanoes, and Zombies. Shields are also automatically in disposal during an Air Raid match.


  1. Shake the Wii remote continuously.
  2. The player will take out a shield to protect the front.
  3. As long as the Wii remote is being shaken, the shield will stay up.


  • Ceedrun's power in Bomberman Tournament provided a similar effect to the Shield power-up. However, Ceedrun's shield was unable to provide any defense against bomb blasts, but instead protected Bomberman from projectiles.


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