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For the enemy, see Sharkun (enemy).

Sharkun (シャークン, Shākun) is a shark-like Charabom in the Bomberman series.

Bomberman Max[]

  • Location: Found in Area 4-04 (Red Version).
  • Special Attack: Ice Slugger

Bomberman Tournament[]


Sharkun is found on ToPlain, in a house just north of Gamma. He is trapped in a cage and Bomberman needs to solve a block sculpting puzzle in the basement to free him.

Max Stats[]

Attribute:EleWater (Water)
SmallHp 180


Sharkun can find hidden entrances. He is is needed to reveal the door to Light Cave, the cave to Delta, and some stairs in Plasma Base and Golem Base.

Special Attack[]

His Special Attack is Icicle; he uses his tail to create an icicle, which gets gradually larger as it travels toward the opponent.

Bomberman Max 2[]

Bomberman Jetters[]

Sharkun is found in Falling Star Space (World 1). His ability is to help Bomberman move over water. When he is leveled up, he can move even faster and can climb up waterfalls.


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