Seesaw Park (Bomberman Jetters)
Seesaw Park (also written as See Saw Park) is a battle stage featured in the game Bomberman Jetters.


The main layout of Seesaw Park is there is many pink objects that can be destroyed in order to gain items. The panda bear objects act like indestructble blocks that can be use as a cover. However, the most notable feature of Seesaw Park are the seesaws. A player can plant a bomb onto one end and then step on the other end to fling the bomb to another side. Take note that as soon the bomb lands, it will explode.

One of the main strageties of Seesaw Park is to catch opponents off guard with a flying bomb. The Hige Hige Bandit has the advantage in this stage due to his special move to temporary stun opponents and catch them with a seesaw-tossed bomb. The Bombermans (White, Black, Red, and Blue) can plant their dangerous bombs onto a seesaw and fling it onto an unsuspecting victum.


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