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The Seesaw (シーソー) is a recurring trap in the Bomberman series. It provides a means of throwing objects without the use of the Power Glove or Boxing Glove.


One end of a Seesaw is always raised, and one end is always on the ground. When the raised end is lowered, any object positioned on the lowered end will be thrown off. In most games, the thrown object will be thrown six tile spaces in the direction of the fulcrum. Both bombs and players can be thrown off of a Seesaw. Typically, a raised end is lowered when a player steps on it or is thrown onto it.

The Seesaw's fulcrum typically functions as a normal Hard Block, impassable to all entities.


Super Bomberman 3[]

Explosions do not pass through the raised end of a Seesaw. Bombs thrown onto a raised end will not lower it and will instead just bounce over it as if it were a Hard Block. They will, however, land on lowered Seesaw ends.

Super Bomberman 4[]

Explosions will pass through the raised end of a Seesaw. Bombs can be thrown onto the raised end, lowering it in the process. By walking into the fulcrum, players can hop over it and onto the other side of the Seesaw. This provides a simpler method of launching bombs. All of the Seesaws in a stage are synced up, such that changing the orientation of one Seesaw will change them all.


The trap is basically an average seesaw.


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