Seagull Bomber is a combined Bomberman who first appeared in the Bomberman Jetters anime in episode 9. He was created to find the unique figurehead wearing a schoolgirl outfit. He was soon defeated by Max's Thunder bomb. He reappeared in the B-1 Grand Prix, winning the first round, although nobody saw him compete against anybody. He lost in the second round due to an illness, but he was actually present at that time seen in the background. He even appeared at the end of the final episode.


Seagull Bomber's basic appearance is that of a seagull, with the beak crudely "drawn" on and not actually attached to his face as well as the antenna all Bombermen posess. He wears a hat, a sailor suit, carries a delivery bag and sports lock-on eyewear.



Missile Bomb

  • Missile Bomb - Seagull Bomber fires Missile Bombs at his opponents.
  • Seagull Attack - Seagull Bomber charges at his opponents.


  • He is one of the gag characters appearing in the anime as the "nobody knows he was there".


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