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The Sea of Trees, also known as Area 2 of Planet Bomber, is an area in Bomberman Hero. It is also here that Bomberman meets with Princess Millian's faithful robot companion, Pibot, and a brainwashed Nitros. Also, the Bomber Marine and the Bomber Jet are introduced in this area, as well as the Bomber Pitch's functionality.


The area contains a forest, mountains, a canyon that contains a cannon, and a lake.


After Bomberman completes his training, and before he leaves the Base, he is given a new objective: to find what crash-landed beyond the mountains and is given the Bomber Pitch, a device that activates the Bomber Jet, Marine, Copter, and Slider. After Bomberman clears all of the levels within Area 2, he is then pitted on a one-on-one battle with Nitros at Adok, a checkerboard-like environment. After Bomberman wins the match, he arrives back at the end of Dragon Road, and is met by Pibot, who pleads for help from Bomberman in saving Millian. Pibot explains that Millian's home planet, Primus Star, had been targeted and attacked by Bagular at Garaden Star because the princess had stolen a Data Disk and fled by shuttle (as seen at the beginning of the game). As a result, the shuttle was shot down and they were forced to crash on Plaent Bomber. Pibot entrusts the Data Disk to Bomberman, and Bomberman agrees to rescue Millian. Then, Pibot directs them to the next area, Peace Mountains.