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Who do you think you're looking at, eh? You want to get slapped around?

Seeballon, Bomberman Quest

Sea Balloon (シーバルーン Shībarūn) is an enemy in the Bomberman series. It is an octopus that uses its mouth to perform various attacks. It appears in water areas.


Super Bomberman 3

Sea Balloon appears under the sand, with only its exposed tentacles visible. It moves at a normal pace and has a tendency to gravitate toward players. Periodically, it will emerge and spit ink, dimming the screen (unless it is blasted before its attack is over). Afterwards, it continues to move around above the sand. If it comes close to a bomb, or after it has been moving above-ground for a certain amount of time, it will dive back under the sand again. It takes one hit to destroy and will damage players on collision. While underground, it evades explosions.[1]

Bomberman World

Sea Balloon has been redesigned: it appears with a shell on its head. In this game, Sea Balloon can attack by spitting an ink projectile at Bomberman if it aligns with it. Both ink and Sea Balloon itself will harm the player. If it is within 2 tile spaces of a bomb, it will hide inside the shell and move for 6 seconds before emerging and will be invulnerable during this time.

Bomberman Quest

Sea Balloon (Seeballon in the English versions) appears in the middle of a rectangle of Hard Blocks. It moves quickly, in straight lines when moving vertically and, often, side to side in a wavy pattern when moving horizontally. It jumps up and spits ink bubbles, which soar slowly through the air. Upon landing, they burst into three smaller bubbles which move quickly away from each other, disappearing shortly. The bubbles will harm Bomberman on contact. Sea Balloon can also perform a very rapid jumping tackle, reaching at most 6 tilespaces. It usually stays inside of the block enclosure, and its attacks do not pass through walls, so the player can take cover outside of the block enclosure.

Sea Balloon has 5 HP and yields a Clock upon defeat.[2]

Bomberman Tournament

Sea Balloon appears above the water and spits orbs at Bomberman. Because it never sets foot on land, it cannot be attacked. It resembles the Charabom Siballoon.


This enemy first appeared in the earlier Hudson Soft games Neutopia and Neutopia II. In those games, it behaves similarly to how it does in Bomberman Tournament.

Sea Balloon as he appears in Neutpia.



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