Screen Wrapping

White throws a bomb to the other side

Screen Wrapping is when something that passes through one edge of the screen reappears on the opposite side. For example, if a bomb is thrown over the left edge of the arena, it will bounce into the arena from the right side and vice versa. This is a unique element that can lead to surprises and many quick deaths of players/enemies.

A bomb can Screen Wrap in several ways:

  • One punches a bomb to the other side
  • One throws a bomb to the other side
  • A bomb is bounced on top of a player, possibly bouncing to the edge


When an indestructable item, such as a Skull, is blasted by a bomb, it will flip onto another tile space. If the item is flipped off of the screen, it will Screen Wrap and return to the map from the opposite side. This can be used to the player's advantage, especially early on in a battle, as Skull items can potentially be flipped onto competing players.

Some bosses and monsters that produce items by flipping them onto the field may also send those items off screen.


Players themselves can Screen Wrap in some games. For example, in games such as Super Bomberman 4, wherein players can pick up and throw other players, one can be thrown out of one side of the screen and into the arena from the opposite side, just as a bomb could be.

In certain Battle Mode maps of some games, players can also Screen Wrap by walking out of one side of the map and into the other side of the map through passageways that lead off of the screen. Players may also hide outside of the screen, as there is some off-screen space before the wrap occurs. However, if Sudden Death mode traps a player outside of the map, that player will be eliminated.

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