Saru and Bananacher is the boss team of Mori Mori Forest. They are the first boss battle of Bomberman '94.


Bananacher moves around the room continuously, trying to hurt Bomberman by touching him. Saru moves away from the action, evading Bomberman if he comes within two tile spaces of him, and stopping in intersections of the grid. While sitting still, he operates the controls to Bananacher. If Bomberman is faster than Saru and collides with him, Saru will harm Bomberman on contact.

Bananacher itself takes eight hits to destroy, but Saru only takes four hits. If Saru is defeated, then Bananacher will also be destroyed. Because Saru is motionless, he is the easier target. The Bomb Kick is particularly effective - because Saru only avoids Bomberman, not bombs, he will remain motionless while next to a bomb that has been kicked into him.

If Bananacher is defeated first, Saru will continue to sit still and operate the controls, but will only move away from Bomberman if he is within one tile space of him.


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