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Sandi, Bomberman Quest

Sandi is an enemy that appears in Super Bomberman 3, Bomberman Quest, and Bomberman Tournament. It is a hand-shaped monster that sticks up out of the sand in desert areas.

Super Bomberman 3

Sandi moves slowly, pursuing the player. If it comes within two tiles distance of a bomb, it will dive under the sand, where it can safely evade explosions. While it is above the surface, it will hurt the player on contact. They take one bomb blast to defeat.

Bomberman World

In Bomberman World, he reappears on Planet Fire and was named Handy (ハンティ). It moves slowly towards the player. If he encounters a bomb, he will jump on it, detonating it without causing damage. If he gets close to the player, he will accelerate and chase him for 7 seconds.

Bomberman Quest

In Bomberman Quest, Sandi moves around aimlessly. If the player throws a bomb at it, it will catch the bomb and throw it back. It has 5 HP.

Bomberman Tournament

In this game, Sandis appear as hands that are actually made out of sand. They move slowly, seeking Bomberman. When they come into contact with a bomb, they will pick it up and throw it. If the bomb explodes at the moment that the Sandi grabs it, the monster will not take damage. It will damage Bomberman on contact, and takes two bomb blasts to defeat.


This enemy first appeared in an earlier Hudson Soft game, Neutopia II.



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