Sabotegoron is an enemy appearing on Planet Wind in Bomberman World. It resembles a pile of three spherical cacti.

Sabotegoron moves aimlessly, only changing direction every six tiles. If the player approaches it, Sabotegoron will chase them at a higher speed for roughly seven seconds; if the player is too close, Sabotegoron will stop and lay all of its segments down in the direction of the player, being invincible when doing so.

Sabotegoron will harm the player on collision and takes three hits to be defeated, each of his head segments accounting for one hit. Each hit will remove one of its three segments reducing its attack range.


  • The name "Sabotegoron" is a fusion of two Japanese words: "saboten", which means "cactus", and "goron", an onomatopoeic word to stretch one's body.


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