I guess I'll get back to my old life, traveling the universe... Except this time, I want you to come with me, Lilith.

Rukifellth, Bomberman 64: The Second Attack

Rukifellth is the main antagonist of Bomberman 64: The Second Attack.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Rukifellth is a space pirate, and Lilith's partner, however when they were searching Planet Kaos for treasure, Rukifellth found the Celestial Stone, and was possessed by Sthertoth, the demon who was sealed inside it,

Illustration of Rukifellth

when he touched it. Throughout the game, Rukifellth is possessed by Sthertoth and brainwashed the Elemental Knights to work for him as the Astral Knights. Soon they were all defeated, Rukifellth personally killing Bulzeeb (Regulus), who had betrayed him, until Bomberman fought Rukifellth and defeated him. Afterward, Rukifellth revealed that he was using Bomberman and the Astral Knights to collect the stones, and would have them whether Bomberman beat them or lost to them. He then used it to transform into Sthertoth.

After Sthertoth was defeated, combined with the goddess Mihaele to form the Angel of Light and Shadow, who was defeated, Rukifellth was released from Sthertoth's control, and all the knights brought back to life. It is implied that Lilith and Rukifellth are in love, which makes Pommy and Bomberman jealous.

If Molok is defeated before Zhael (though players usually go after Zhael first), Zhael says that she would kill Lilith even if she wasn't her mortal enemy, as she does not want another woman to attract Rukifellth's attention. This, and the ending scene where Zoniha asks Zhael if she is jealous of Lilith, implies that Zhael is also in love with Rukifellth.

If Mihaele beats Bomberman with Bludgeoning Blow, or if Bomberman defeats Sthertoth without getting all seven Elemental Stones, an alternate ending (and a dark one at that) begins after Bomberman defeats Sthertoth. Once Sthertoth's ultimate form is defeated, Rukifellth is briefly released from Sthertoth's control, before once again transforms into the God of Chaos. Lilith and Rukifellth are seemingly killed when Sthertoth destroys Warship Noah.


Rukifellth has four attacks, three of which do 2 damage, and one of which is instant knockout.

  • Chaos Blade: Makes a sword surrounded by purple energy fall from the ceiling. Easy to avoid if Bomberman keeps moving.
  • Blood Sword: Makes an energy blade appear under Bomberman by stabbing the ground. This attack has a stunning property, which Rukifellth may combo into a second attack. Like before, it's easy to avoid if Bomberman keeps moving.
  • Speed Strike: Charges at Bomberman and swings his sword. Bomberman can plant a bomb to trick Rukifellth into running into the explosion and taking damage.
  • Dark Victory: The typical Instant Knockout attack. Unlike most of the other bosses, Rukifellth uses this attack whenever he wants, not just when he is low on health.

Rukifellth cannot be stunned by kicked bombs or pumped bombs. Ice bombs are efficient for beating him, since they do not have a "one at a time limit" as Earth Bombs and Light Bombs do. Rukifellth can kick bombs, but the best way to defeat him is to kick bombs at him, or plant them next to him. If he charges at Bomberman to use Speed Strike or Evil Victory, and Bomberman plants a bomb and runs out of the way, Rukifellth will run into it and take damage from the explosion. This is also an easy way to defeat Zhael, Molok, Zoniha, and Bulzeeb.

In Warship

  • Hm...so Baelfael has been defeated...
  • We don't know, yet... According to Baelfael's report, he is a space traveler who was caught in the black hole, and he has the Fire Stone. Baelfael went to get it, and was defeated instead. The report says he wears a white suit of some kind and uses bombs. Also, he has some sort of strange animal with him.
  • I see you're all here... My knights, your attention please!
  • Your new mission is to do whatever it takes to defeat this intruder and get that Fire Stone! Remember, we need all the Elementals! You have your orders!
  • The presence of this warrior is unexpected...but for him to have the Fire Stone with him...the fates must be smiling upon me. Still, the plans of the goddess Mihaele concern me...she seems to have manifested in the pirate Lilith's body. A mysterious white warrior...the pirate Lilith...either would be acceptable for the use on the altar of my resurrection. Humph! Doesn't matter which I chose! They'll not interfere again!

Behemos' defeat

  • First Baelfael, now Behemos...two of our Astral Knights have been defeated.
  • Enough! Listen to me -- I don't care who does it...I want this Bomberman dealt with! The time of resurrection draws nearer... Stop him, or you will all face my wrath! Do you understand, my knights?
  • Soon...soon...I shall reclaim my earthly body, locked away all these centuries...then, the universe will once again be shrouded in darkness! No one can stop me now!

Ashtarth's defeat

  • Now Ashtarth has fallen...this Bomberman is proving to be very troublesome...
  • My knights! Listen to me: I don't care who stops him, but I want this Bomberman defeated! Bring the Elementals to me! The time of resurrection is almost upon us -- stop him, or face my wrath yourselves! Understand?
  • Hmph! They call themselves knights, but in the end they are nothing more than pawns...my resurrection cannot be stopped...I shall let them enjoy their diversions... Can you hear me, Mihaele? You who locked away my body all those centuries ago...your former servants, the Elemental Knights, are now under my control! They are my Astral Knights! I swear, this time shall not be like the last... What will you do, Mihaele? The time of my ascendance draws near!

Ashtarth's defeat before Behemos'

  • First Baelfael, and now Ashtarth has been defeated...
  • My knights! Listen to me: I don't care who does it -- I want this bothersome Bomberman destroyed! There is little time left before my resurrection... Stop him, lest you bring my wrath upon yourselves! Do you understand, my knights?
  • Soon...soon...I shall reclaim my earthly body, locked away for centuries...then, the universe will once again be shrouded in darkness! No one can stop me now!

Behemos' defeat after Ashtarth's

  • So, Behemos has been defeated...this Bomberman character is quite troublesome...
  • My knights! Listen to me: I don't care who does it -- I want this Bomberman dealt with! Bring those stones to me! The time of resurrection draws nearer... Stop him -- or you shall all face my wrath! Do you understand, my knights?
  • Humph! They call themselves knights, but in the end, they are nothing more than my pawns...my resurrection cannot be stopped... I shall let them enjoy this diversion. Can you hear me, Mihaele? You who locked away my body all those centuries ago...your former servants, the Elemental Knights, are now under my control! I have transformed them into my Astral Knights! I swear, this time shall not be like the last... What will you do, Mihaele? The time of my ascendance draws near!

Zhael's defeat

  • The Time of Awakening has begun...
  • I need not wait long -- the Stones are being collected as I speak. And I can feel my true body beginning to stir... Thanks to Zhael, I was able to confirm that Mihaele has awakened as well. It appears her power responds to the Stones, like mine... But even if she has succeeded in using Lilith's body to regain her power...she is far too late... Soon, I will be reunited with my body and reborn! And once I am, I shall envelope this universe in darkness! So, Bomberman has defeated Zhael...I am beginning to think he might actually make it this far. Hmph -- no matter. Even if he does, he will not be able to prevent my victory. Still, I hope he will be able to provide sufficient entertainment. Come, then -- that's a good little Bomberman! Bring the Stones to me!

Molok's defeat after Zhael's

  • It's only a matter of time before Bomberman finds his way here...but he will not be able to interfere with my plans, as long as he does not collect all the Elementals.
  • Hm? Ah, Zoniha...
  • The pirate? The Scourge? Even if she was chosen to be the avatar of that goddess...in order to fully manifest her power, she must be able to fully control Lilith. You needn't trouble yourself...it works to our advantage to have her running around like that.
  • No. Both of you, stay in your respective realms, to watch your Elementals, and wait for the two. Everything is going like I planned.
  • I'm counting on you.
  • Bulzeeb seems to suspect something. My control over him may be weakening. Or he was probably pretending all along. No matter -- I shall know soon. What will you do when I do, Bulzeeb? You should concentrate on matters at hand. In a way this only increases my enjoyment of this whole thing. Struggle all you want, but you are powerless to change your fate!

Molok's defeat

  • It appears Molok's sacrifice was in vain...
  • There is some value in what Molok did. Because of him, we now know that Bomberman does not realize the true power of the Elemental Stones. Furthermore, he does not know why he fights -- he is simply being swept along by events. Our real concern should be that meddling pirate, Lilith!
  • Understand this, Zhael -- Lilith is the real danger. I am confident in your ability, but don't underestimate her. Mark my words, Zhael. She possesses the power of the goddess -- a power which could interfere with my plans. I want her destroyed!
  • We shall see just how strong you are in that body, goddess...
  • Do you feel me watching you, goddess? Is your power growing? Your warrior, Bomberman, is not yet aware of the importance of the Elemental Stones he struggles to collect. What will you do, Mihaele? By the time you are fully manifested in Lilith, it will be too late! This time, it will be you who is sealed away in that cold elsewhere!

Zoniha's defeat after Bulzeeb's betrayal

  • So, Bulzeeb has betrayed us...he must have learned the truth. I knew there was more to him than meets the eye...he was just pretending to be under my control. Ha ha...how unfortunate for him. Had he given himself completely to me, he would have gained even greater power. Still...one like him, with only a desire for power, will be needed in the dark universe I am creating. A universe without delusions of loyalty and honor, where only the strong shall rule. I can make you strong, Bulzeeb...do not delude yourself into thinking you can surpass me. I await you...and the other two who conspire against me. The mighty Bomberman! The avatar of Mihaele! And you, Bulzeeb! I am here! Come, bring the Elementals to me! Then you will learn...learn of your inescapable doom! Learn the true meaning of fear!

Bulzeeb's fought against Bomberman

  • Humph...I admire your bravado, Bulzeeb. But you go too far in assuming that you are capable of manipulating me. It was a simple enough matter to manipulate the Elemental Knights... Make them my servants before Mihaele awoke, and thus take my revenge on they who helped you imprison me all those millennia ago. Still, I may have overestimated their abilities. Or perhaps...perhaps I underestimated this Bomberman...? It doesn't matter how many battles he wins, though... Even if he gets this far, once I reclaim my body, he will be nothing more than an insect to me! The time is nearly at hand! Soon, my earthly body shall awaken! Soon...soon now...the universe stands on the edge of a new era -- an era of darkness! Mihaele, you who were once part of me, yet was separated from me against my will...your Elemental Knights lie defeated. Bomberman, your only hope, knows not the true meaning of this struggle. Once I regain my body, I will begin the creation of a new cosmos! A universe of chaos, made from the darkness of my heart, where the strong shall rule the weak! Mihaele! Your precious truth, everything you hold dear, will die then! I look forward to watching your face as you see it die!

Inside Warship Noah

  • So, you have arrived at last. I was beginning to think you wouldn't make it, Bomberman. I have already dealt with the traitor, Bulzeeb... Now it's your turn.
  • You talk as if you'll still be around for it as well, Bulzeeb! Alas, it is not to be. Goodbye, Bulzeeb!
  • Ho ho ho...You are interesting little mortals... Why do you insist on fighting? Do you actually think you can defeat me? If you wish to fight me, you must get through this first! I'm waiting, Bomberman... Show me what you can do. A ha ha ha ha!
  • Fwo ho ho ho ho... So, you've arrived. Allow me to congratulate you on making it this far...
  • Humph! Why do you wish to continue this pointless conflict? You can't win...
  • Not for truth...not for evil... You fight for yourselves and others -- is that it? Humph! As good a reason as any... [Rukifellth disables Bomberman's remote control.] And now, Bomberman...you shall have the honor of being the first...the first sacrifice on the altar of my resurrection!
  • There is no reason for me to hold back my power any longer! [He summoned the Celestial Stone.] Celestial Elemental! You who create and are created by chaos! I call you forth! And now...I shall break the seal the accursed goddess placed on me so long ago...
  • I have waited so long for this! This is the Celestial Stone, which was used to seal away my earthly body. The other Elementals are the key to breaking the seal of the Celestial Stone!
  • Thanks for all your hard work...the Stones are now synchronizing with the Celestial Stone... The goddess' seal shall be broken! And then I shall be reborn!
  • Looks like you have finally realized my plan...The seal shall be broken, my body restored...and I shall recreate the universe according to my design!
  • At first, I was using the Astral Knights to get them. Even though they were defeated, I knew you would come here to escape the black hole. In the end, it didn't matter -- either way, I still got the stones. Ha ha...all I had to do was wait for you...
  • Alas, play time is over... Feel the power of chaos!!!

Normal Ending

  • I...Lilith?!? What am I doing here?
  • I...I guess so...
  • Aaaahhh!!! My head... It feels like it's going to burst!
  • Arrh... Get away... Get away from me!
  • Lilith...don't worry...about me... Get out...of here...

True Ending

  • Relax, Bomberman... I'm not going to fight you!
  • Let me give you my thanks as well, Bomberman. If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't have been able to return to normal -- thank you.
  • I guess I'll get back to my old life, traveling the universe...except this time, I want you to come with me, Lilith.
  • Thanks for everything you've done, Bomberman!
  • I don't know if you can forgive me... I was manipulated by Sthertoth, and...
  • Thanks for everything, Zhael... I can't tell you how much this means to me.
  • Ha ha! Looks like the universe just got a little more interesting!
  • It is I who should thank you, Molok... I won't forget what you have taught me about what it means to be a warrior!
  • Once more, I give you my thanks, Ashtarth. What are your plans? Why don't you come explore the galaxy with us?
  • I understand. Good health and good luck to you, then.
  • Given the size and power of that sphere... He might not have been able to survive.
  • You bet, Pommy! Ha ha!
  • I know we'll see each other again, Bomberman. If you ever get in trouble, we'll be there for you...no matter where you are, we'll come running to your side -- I promise.
  • The time of my ascendance is at hand! Once I regain my earthly body, I shall create a new cosmos! My cosmos! A cosmos of chaos, where only the strong shall survive! Ha ha...ha ha...bwah ha ha ha ha ha!
  • It's not much fun making speeches about my plans without an audience...
  • Yes...I can't wait to find it! Bwah ha ha ha!
  • Ha ha ha ha! Just kidding, Lilith!
  • Wh...wait, Lilith! Come back! I'm sorry!


Rukifellth's Japanese name (ルキフェルス) is a nearly identical transliteration of Lucifer (ルキフェル); it is most likely meant to come from either Luciferus, a possible Latin form, or Luciferous, an antiquated English word. Rukifellth's English name is an almost unrecognizable reinterpretation, although the word "fell" may have implied connotations to fallen angels.


  • In the English version, his title is "The Dark Messenger". The Japanese version translates to "Dark Messiah".


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