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Rui is a green Rooi and White Bomber's partner and friend. Rui appears in numerous episodes in the Bomberman Jetters anime, making his debut in Episode 01. Rui generally resides (as well as working) at the ramen shop.

In episode 28, his role becomes more important. The Jetters are all sick due to the Bay Bay influenza, with the exception of Birdy and Gangu. With Shout extremely sick during an urgent matter, Rui takes her place temporarily. The Jetters head off to Planet Swing to protect the unique trumpet.

Rui also appears in the last few episodes. With Planet Jetters now heading to a collision course with Planet Bomber, Rui hung out at Jetters Base with Dr. Ein and the others. Rui would often point out what is happening.


White Bomber[]

Rui 4

Rui riding on White Bomber

Rui's relation with White Bomber is extreme. They share a very close bond with each other. White Bomber occasionally rides on Rui to deliver noodles to customers. When they're not working at the noodle shop, Rui watches White Bomber train.

White Bomber and Rui can be quite competitive when playing an actual game of Bomberman. In episode 32 Rui beats White Bomber, making White Bomber Rui's servant for a whole day.



Rui and Birdy

Rui and Birdy's relation with each other is close. In episode 27, Birdy loses against Rui and White Bomber during a foot race. Birdy then gives the two a "Birdy do anything" ticket, which was used in succeeding episode where Birdy was ordered to eat Rui's noodles.


Rui and Shout's relation is close. Rui works in the noodle shop with Shout, helping out with the dishes and cooking noodles. Shout considers Rui better than White Bomber when working in the shop.


  • In the Concept art of Shiron from Bombergirl, there is a silhouette of Rui (or perhaps Pui), and the second is Shiron featuring Rui's (or Pui's) traits. This could implies that before the general design of Shiron was adopted, she would have been based on Rui or Pui, but the final version have her based on White Bomber (Jetters) instead.


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