The Rubber Bomb (translated from Boyoyon Bomb, which is sometimes used; also referred to as Bouncing Bomb, Jelly Bomb or Drop Bomb) item transforms the player's bombs into Rubber Bombs. These bombs have the looks and properties of a rubbery substance and will bounce when kicked or thrown.


The Rubber Bomb's power is used in two ways: by kicking it, or by punching/throwing it.

A kicked Rubber Bomb will bounce back and forth along the path that it was kicked until it detonates. This will usually just stall a battle, unless multiple Rubber Bombs are kicked at around the same time. Be careful not to be blown up by your own returning Rubber Bomb.

A thrown Rubber Bomb is very unpredictable. Once it lands on a square, it will bounce in one of four directions. After a time, sometimes short and sometimes long, it will come to rest and explode. Thrown Rubber Bombs can stun several players and possibly cause their deaths but can also come back to stun the owner. Depending on the Bomberman game, it may not be the best idea to repeatedly throw Rubber Bombs about the arena.

Players intending to use the Rubber Bomb should practice with them first before doing anything daring.

In a battle game, kick two of them to a wall, the first bomb may change the kick direction, and the second bomb touches the first bomb, producing a Dangerous Bomb.

Necessary Items

One of the following items is necessary if a player wants to use a Rubber Bomb's special power:

Without any of the above items, a Rubber Bomb can still be used against players who do have a Kick or Boxing Glove item, opponents may inadvertently kick a Rubber Bomb or be forced to kick or punch it to escape.

Notable Rubber Bomb Users

  • Professor Bagura uses Rubber Bombs, typically by casting four out, one on each side, simultaneously while making himself invincible.
  • Brain Bomber uses Rubber Bombs in Bomberman Tournament; he walks around the arena before casting a green shield around himself and throwing Rubber Bombs, then flies back up into the air.