White Bomberman using the Rope in Super Bomberman 2.

The Rope (ロープ) is a trap that first appeared in Super Bomberman 2. It surrounds the outer walls of the stage in which it is located. By walking and pushing into the Rope, a player will be repelled in the opposite direction, becoming invincible for about two seconds. During this time, the player cannot take any action. If a repelled player collides with a bomb, that player will stop moving, regain control, and become vulnerable again. The bomb will also be kicked if the colliding player was equipped with a Kick item.

Bombs that are kicked into the Rope will rebound and begin to slide in the opposite direction as if they were Rubber Bombs.

In Neo Bomberman, players who are repelled by the Rope will be hurled all the way into the opposite side of the stage, remaining invincible the entire time. In this way, players can bounce from side to side indefinitely without pressing any buttons. Players may cancel the repelling action at any time during their movement by moving the joystick.


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