Not to be confused with Rocky.

Rock'n is a recurring enemy character in the Bomberman series.

Rockun appears disguised as a Soft Block (which are boulders in Rockun's area). When Bomberman approaches, or if it is hit by a bomb blast, it will make itself visible and move about slowly and randomly. Unlike its counterpart, Trent, it will eventually stop moving and go back into its Soft Block form. It takes one bomb blast to destroy (while active), and is harmful to touch.

In Bomberman '93, it is not disguised when it is dormant, but it is still impervious to explosions. It is known as Rocky in the English manual.

In Bomberman '94, it is not disguised when it is dormant, and it is always susceptible to attacks.

In Bomberman Tournament, it appears disguised as a Hard Block, and its movement is much faster.

It normally appears in rocky areas, but in Bomberman Portable it appears as a semi-common enemy, disguising itself as other world blocks.


This enemy first appeared in the earlier Hudson Soft games Neutopia and Neutopia II.



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