Rocketeer Joe is the third boss of Super Bomberman 4. He is a massive jet pack soldier that shoots missiles and gas.


  • Rocketeer Joe moves slowly through the air, passing over all obstacles and players in any direction and slowly rising. Once he rises high enough, he will stop and drop to the ground, harming players and eliminating bombs that are caught beneath him. He will then perform an attack before rising and resuming its movement.
  • Missiles - Joe fires four missiles from the launcher on its back, which fly off of the top of the screen and then fall to random intersections on the grid. The destinations of the missiles are indicated by cross hairs. Once a missile lands, it will explode with a Fire range of 6. Joe will lift off of the ground before the first missile explodes.
  • Poison Gas - Joe shoots four clouds of poison gas from its gun. The gas moves at a normal pace, randomly turning at intersections. While it has no direct effect on players, it will explode with a Fire range of 10 if it is hit by an explosion. If it is left on the screen for a long time, it will eventually disappear with no effect.


Because Rocketeer Joe is only vulnerable while on the ground, and because it only remains on the ground for a short amount of time, bombs must be placed at the right time and place so that they will explode and damage the boss while it is on the ground, but will not be caught beneath it and disappear. With the Remote Control, bombs can be placed and detonated while the boss is on the ground.

Joe may perform its poison gas attack multiple times in succession, leading to a screen full of explosive gas. It is usually a good strategy to clear out excessive amounts of gas before it becomes too much of a risk, especially since Joe can detonate it with missiles.


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