The Robot Tournament Grounds is the fifth stage in Super Bomberman. This stage is a combat arena, where White and Black Bomberman must face the Mecha Bombers that were created by Carat Diamond and Dr. Mook.

There are no Soft Blocks in this stage. Each "area" takes place in the same stage, as new Mecha Bombers are introduced. The Time Counter does not reset when a new area begins.

The boss is the Yellow Mecha Bomber, who is personally brought in by Diamond and Mook after the audience disappears. Upon his defeat, the villains flee to Diamond Tower, with White and Black Bomberman still in pursuit.



In each area, one Mecha Bomber will appear if there is one player present, while two will appear if two players are in action. After the first notch is depleted from the Time Counter, and for every two notches that are depleted from then on, a random item will appear in the stage.


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