Robo Bomber is the true final boss in Bomberman Portable. It greatly resembles its Bomberman Party Edition counterpart and stage with the same name with four extendable legs that are capable of planting bombs and using a tracker-like device that shoots small rockets.

Background and boss fight

Professor Bagura's ultimate creation and last resort, a large four-legged robot with a head that resembles that of a Bomberman but with a more sinister appearance. It was created by Professor Bagura to guard his spaceship, and is seen piloted by Professor Bagura toward the end of the game to eliminate Bomberman.

Despite being the true final boss of the game and its overwhelming appearance, Robo Bomber is actually the easiest boss to destroy compared to the previous 9 bosses of the game that are already destroyed. It has only 2 attacks: bombs with increasing fire radius and a small tracker-like device that shoots small rockets. These attacks are extremely easy to avoid if the player pays enough attention to the boss' legs which it uses to plant bombs. It is also invulnerable to explosion damages while it is walking. The player has to wait for the boss to lay down its head to launch a tracking device which can be easily destroyed and damages the boss at the same time. The boss requires 10 hits to be defeated. Upon destruction, Bagura will fail to escape from Robo Bomber and Bomberman will deride at his failure before Bagura is engulfed in the explosion. Bagura's spaceship will then explode and Bomberman returns to Planet Bomber and the credits roll. Interestingly though, Robo Bomber's theme is rock, making it the only boss to have a different theme.

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