The Ring Zone is the first zone of Bomberman Land (Wii).

Ring Zone License = 10 TP

At the beginning of the game you are in the Ring Zone. There are only 4 available games to play.


Each Zone is divided into 4 rounds. The players are split up into 3 groups: Demoted, Stay, and Promoted.

  • Those who are Demoted have to go back a Zone (though they just stay in the Ring Zone since it's the first Zone - but if you were in, say, the Delta Zone, you'd be sent back to the Ring Zone and you'd have to go through the 4 rounds all over again, so do your best to get Promoted!)
  • Those who Stay have to go through the same zone's rounds all over again.
  • Those who are Promoted get to move on to the next Zone!

So, each round you are given a specific amount of Tokens which are used to play the attractions (the mini games you practiced for in the Training area in the Bomber Center). The "Champion" decided how many tokens you get each time and he switches up the rules of each round.


  • Laser Ball
  • Volcano Blast
  • Jump Rope
  • Step by Step
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