Revolving Door (回転ドア) is a trap that appears in some Bomberman games. It consists of one or more candies - which act as Hard Blocks - that can revolve around a stationary Hard Block.


Pushing a candy to the right. Note that the other candy also rotates in the same direction.

By walking into one of the candies, a player can push the candy out of the way. The candy will then move 90 degrees to the next possible position. If there are multiple candies attached to the same Hard Block, all candies will move in the same direction.

However, if there is an obstacle - a bomb, Soft Block, player, or explosion - on the other side of the candy, blocking any tilespace that it will pass over or that any candy attached to the central Hard Block will pass over, then the candy cannot be pushed.


Left: Only the top candy may be pushed, and only to the left.
Center: Neither candy may be pushed in either direction.
ight: Either candy may be pushed in either direction.

Players may use this to their advantage in order to block other players from passing through a Revolving Candy gate. By employing such a tactic, players can prevent opponents from following them, taking items, or escaping from an immiment explosion.

In the case of a block that has two candies attached to it on opposite sides, a player can render the Revolving Candy trap completely inoperable by placing a bomb or kicking a Soft Block onto one of the two spaces where either candy would land if pushed (see the center screenshot in the above image).

Another use of the Revolving Candy trap is to block explosions. By pushing the candies into a suitable position, a player can use them as a shield against explosions from one side.

Alternate Names

  • Door (ドア) - In Bomberman '93
  • Revolving Candy (回転キャンディ) - In the Super Bomberman 3 stage Merry-Go-Round
  • Flower - In Bomberman Party Edition



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