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The Regenerating Soft Block (再生ソフトブロック, Saisei sofuto burokku), or Regenerating Block (再生ブロック, Saisei burokku), is a trap that first appeared in Super Bomberman.[1]


It functions as a normal Soft Block, but it will regenerate after it has been destroyed. The amount of time that it takes before it begins to regenerate is random.[2]

Depending on the setting, Regenerating Blocks may reappear quickly, or they may take some time to "grow". In Super Bomberman and the Normal Game of Super Bomberman 2, they reappear almost instantly, but in the Super Bomberman 2 Battle Stage Matango Jump, they reform slowly. While in the process of regenerating, the Soft Blocks are invulnerable to explosions.

In Bomberman World, it appears in the Slow or Fast Battle Stage. It is the only Soft Block found in the stage, and held an item almost all the time. It will respawn almost instantly after destroyed (if there is no item), or just after the item has been gathered. If a player is found on the tile during the respawn process, they will be bounced 1 tile forward depending on their directions, if there is an Hard Block, they will be bounced over it to land on the next tile.

In Bomberman Tournament, the Regenerating Blocks appear in a puzzle to the east of Epsilon.[3] A similar puzzle also appears in Bomberman Jetters: Densetsu no Bomberman. The Regenerating Blocks in these puzzles reform slowly, requiring players to think ahead and destroy the correct blocks in order to pass through.

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