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Red Zone Pieces (or simply Red Pieces) are Zone Piece items found in the first 3 games of Bomberman Land series (and Bomberman Land Portable). These items are required to open the gate throughout the Bomberman Land theme park.

Bomberman Land 1 (Entrance Zone)[]

Land1 Entrance map

Horizontal lines represent letter, vertical lines represent number when working out the coordinate.

Note: This following pieces guide lists the pieces in their numerical order, not the order you obtain them.

  1. At the building around H-5, there is a game called Red Daruma Drop (赤だるま落とし). You must whack every pedestal below the Daruma without toppling the tower (and you will get bonus points if you knock out 2 pedestals in one swing). Beat the high score to win Red Piece #1.
  2. At G-3, talk to the staff. He'll ask you if you want to play. Say yes, and you'll start at the staff spot. Bomberman moves automatically in the direction he is facing. Use the D-Pad to steer him. Try to reach and talk to the gardener without falling off the dirt path to win Red Piece #2.
  3. At F-5, F-6, G-5, and, G-6, there are blank flower beds adjacent to the full bloom ones. Ignore them for now and explore the other part of Bomberman Land. As you progress through the game, more flowers that you can examine will start blooming in. Most of them have 5 coins in them, but one of them has Red Piece #3.
  4. At CAFE de BOM near C-5, there is a Blue Bomberman wearing a straw hat. Talk to him, then (whenever you can) go to the Attraction Zone through A-10 of Entrance Zone. At CAFE de BOM of the Attraction Zone, there is a Red Bomberman wearing straw hat. Talk to him, and he'll give you Red Piece #4.
  5. At the building around B-5, there are 2 staff in the building. Talk to the left staff, and she'll let you play Beginner Puzzle (初級パズル). You will be shown the 3x3 image of Shiro Bom and Kuro Bom. Then when you are ready, the pieces will be shuffled. All you have to do is simply slide each of the pieces to recreate the original picture, and you'll earn Red Piece #5.
  6. At E-5, there is a fountain at the center of the Zone that has small water sprung out. Ignore it for now. After you reach the other Zone, check the fountain again. If there is a lot of water sprung out, try running around the inner circle of the fountain. If you tripped somewhere, examine that spot, and you will find Red Piece #6.
  7. At the building around F-8, there is a game called Bomberman's Fukuwarai (ボンバーマンの福笑い). You will be shown an image of Shiro Bom. Then, when you are ready, you must place each parts (Tassel -> Left Arm -> Right Arm -> Feet -> Eyes -> Belts) in the proper places without any hint aside from the grid background. Beat the target score to earn Red Piece #7.
  8. At around E-4 (near the fountain), you'll see a white vending machine. Make a distance between you and the white vending machine, then ram into it to gain Red Piece #8 (NOTE: you must first own Red Piece #20 before you can gain this piece).
  9. At the red roof building around D-8, there a game called Sheep! (ひつじや〜い!). You must drag all of the sheep back into the pen, then close the gate, but watch out for the mischievous wolf that is occasionally running around and messing with the gate. Beat the high score to gain Red Piece #9.
  10. At the green roofed brown wall building around B-6, you will host the game called Cordless Phone Bom (コードレスボン). You will be shown a string of numbers (that may also contain an asterisk (*) and/or a hash (#)), then you must repeat that number and press the 'send' before the time runs out. Beat the high score to receive Red Piece #10.
  11. At the fountain center of the zone, you'll see 2 young green Bombermen running around the outer ring of the fountain. Talk to them, then after you visit another zone, go back and talk to them (which they'll now hangout at the inner circle of the fountain), and they'll give you Red Piece #11.
  12. At the windmill around D-2, you'll see a pink bird. Go talk to it by entering through the door behind that windmill. Afterward, go to G-9 where you'll see a flock of blue birds. Chase them off, then go talk to the blue bird near the entrance to obtain Red Piece #12.
  13. Near the entrance, lower the left flag all the way down and examine it to get Red Piece #13. This is the very first Zone Piece you get in this game.
  14. Around B-8, you'll see a black dog hanging around. Talk to it, and it'll follow you for a bit. Walk around in that area with the dog, and when the dog starts barking, examine the spot that the dog is standing on at that time, and you should find Red Piece #14.
  15. Around the B-4 (near the Beginner Puzzle & Math Classroom building), there is a hidden passage you can enter. Go through the first cave, then go in the middle of the second cave, turn right and go talk to a white cat there to gain Red Piece #15.
  16. Around H-7 (near the zone warp building), there is a hole that you can enter. Go through it, then walk through a small spot of cut grass above the young orange Bomberman, and you should trip. Examine the spot you tripped on, and that'll be Red Piece #16.
  17. At the blue building around C-5, you will host the game called Cannonball (キャノンボール). You must pop all of the balloons while avoiding getting crushed by a cannonball. Beat the high score to gain Red Piece #17.
  18. Near the gate around F-1, talk to the crying girl right next to her mother. Then, when possible, go to Aqua Zone by going through the aforementioned gate. At the start of the Aqua Zone, get the red balloon that is stuck on the palm tree. Then, go back and give the red balloon to the crying girl. In return, you will receive Red Piece #18.
  19. At the blue building around G-8, there is a game called Fire Bomberman (ファイアーボンバーマン). Move Bomberman left and right, while collecting the coins for points and avoid getting hit by the flames. Beat the high score for Red Piece #19.
  20. Around F-1, talk to the guy that is standing in front of a tree. Then, make some distance between you and the tree before running into it. You will get Red Piece #20, and you can now ram into stuff.
  21. Around F-9, talk to a guy wearing a captain uniform (doesn't appear until you get at least 6 other Red Pieces). Listen carefully to the captain's order, and raise or lower the flags accordingly. Hold the L1 button to raise the red flag. Hold the R1 button to raise the white flag. Reach 25 points to win Red Piece #21.
  22. Around

Bomberman Land 2[]

Bomberman Land 3[]

Bomberman Land Portable[]


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