Red Mountain is the third area in the game Bomberman 64. It is a mountainous region that is surrounded by lava with an active volcano at its center.


Hot on the Trail


White Bomberman has reached Red Mountain where he finds himself just outside of the volcano. White Bomberman's task in this level is to find a way to get into a volcano. Sirius suggests searching around the area to find the opening. As White Bomberman is working his way around the level, he must avoid being hit by falling flaming boulders. Eventually, White Bomberman come across a grated area with three switches around. White Bomberman must toss pumped bombs onto the switches but must be quick as after some time, the switches will revert back up. After pushing down all of the switches, White Bomberman can gain access into the volcano.

Vs. Orion


Just as White Bomberman is about to get into the volcano, Orion, one of the Masked Trio, stops him and challenges him to a battle. In battle, Orion can lay bombs but his signature technique involves using his force-field an attempt to stun White Bomberman and then tossing him into the lava. White Bomberman can kick bombs from a safe distance to avoid being stunned. After being defeated, Orion lets out one last fire stream before blasting away.

On the Right Track


White Bomberman has made it into the volcano and now must find his way to the center. White Bomberman comes across the main mining system and must fight his away around the enemies. Eventually, White Bomberman reaches a very large room which appears to be the main source of the mining. White Bomberman must work his way upwards in order to reach a part where the mine cart is cut off. White Bomberman must blow away the four pillars to have the railing fall and the pathway to the end revealed.

Hot Avenger


White Bomberman has finally reach the heart of the volcano but is confronted by Orion again who now is operating his machine known as Hades. Hades is immune to the lava and is able to move freely around in it. White Bomberman, himself, fights on a small blue platform. In battle, Hades possess many attacks including it's fists and eye lasers. White Bomberman must toss pumped bombs onto it's body and detonate them in order to damage Hades. After many hits, Hades goes down taking Orion with it and the third chain to Planet Bomber is destroyed and leaves just one left in White Glacier.


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