The Red Bomb Item recurring item in the Bomberman series.

In early incarnations, it was referred to as the Pierce Bomb. The Pierce Bomb eventually developed into a different powerup altogether.


The main feature of the Red Bomb is its ability to penetrate multiple layers of Soft Blocks or Items, which is the only special attribute of the later Pierce Bomb. However, the Red Bomb tends to vary significantly from its cousin in later incarnations. In some games, the Red Bomb can be combined with the Remote Control Item to form a bomb that retains the full abilities of both powerups. In more 3D-oriented games such as Bomberman 64, Red Bombs can be used to destroy objects that cannot be damaged with regular bombs, and they cause more damage to enemies, In the battle mode of it, They can be used to make a big bomb blast when it is pumped up, In the team battle, it is more useful and powerful, as it improves the number of gems that are going to be destroyed, If a normal red bomb destroys a gem, it worths -2 Gems, If it is pumped up, it worths -3 Gems, the pumped-up bomb can produce many "Draw Games", also, smart players may throw your gem to your very own, pumped-up red bomb, Avoid this from happening and keep your gem as far of the bomb as possible.

In original versions, the Red Bomb's explosion looked no different from that of a regular bomb. In 3D games, the blast tends to be cyan in color...

Notable Pierce Bomb Users

  • In Bomberman Hero, Nitros uses this kind of bomb as well as his own bombs.

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