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The Radio Tower (電波塔) is a trap in Super Bomberman 5.



The tower appears in the 5th and final world of the game. The tower consists of 4 Hard Block pillars that allow players and enemies to move around underneath the base of the structure. About every 10 seconds the Radio Tower will shoot radio waves in each the 4 cardinal directions or towards the 4 corners of the screen; the waves will stun the player briefly if they make contact. It also doubles as a Wohho Safehouse, calling additional Rajions onto the screen when the number of Rajions in the level drops below 4, meaning that the player cannot progress to the next level until the Radio Tower is destroyed. In order to destroy it, each of the 4 pillars must be hit 4 times. Upon destruction the tower will collapse, blocking the player's passage underneath.


  • Zone 5-01
  • Zone 5-02
  • Zone 5-03
  • Zone 5-04



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