Not to be confused with Machbom from Bomberman Fantasy Race.

Racer Bomber is a character that debuted in Bomberman Kart. He is one of the best racers in the series but is also very intelligent; more so than Midori Bom himself though he is physically underwhelming. Based on the opening of Bomberman Land 2, he's a reckless driver.

He wears a green outfit with a yellow antenna, gloves and boots with checkers running around the side of his head. In the PlayStation 2 games, he and Ao Bom both have visible eyebrows, but his are thinner. He also has fingers in Bomberman Land 2 and Bomberman Kart DX


  • In the original Bomberman Kart, he was introduced as Midori Bom (Green Bomber).
  • He was dropped in later games for unknown reasons.
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